Duchess Eanor of Amberhall
Briar Jansons
229 Jefferson Blvd
Windsor, ON  N8S 2P5
duchesseanor {at} gmail {dot} com
reigned in Drachenwald
with Edouard Beausoleil
from 1996-03-01 to 1997-01-03
reigned in Ealdormere
with Edouard Beausoleil
from 2000-04-29 to 2000-09-17

To princes all inclined to love,
To all the gallant noblemen
Inspired to arms by bravery;
To those whose custom is to love
All goodness, thus to earn esteem;
To lovers bred in gentle ways,
Here in our realm, in other states,
Wherever valor radiates;
To ladies all of good renown,
To all the maidens who are loved,
To women who are honorable,
Gracious, well-bred, and courteous:
A modest counsel offered here,
Given in true sincerity.
I bring to all the valorous,
Who persevere for honor's sake,
These wondrous tidings, pleasing news,
No harmful, frightening report. 

                    Christian de Pizan, 1402