Viscountess Elashava bas Riva, OP, OL
Sue Gilbert
3314 Ridgeway Ave
Madison, WI  53704
viscountessshava {at} yahoo {dot} com
reigned in Principality of Northshield
with Kitadate-denka (aka Kitakaze Tatsu Raito)
from 2002-05-04 to 2002-10-05

Elashava bas Riva is the 7th daughter of the 7th daughter born to a family of merchants in Canterbury, England in the late 12th century. Over the years she has rode with the Great Dark Horde, time-traveled as the garb allowed, and dabbled in European dance, cooking, games, weaving, stained glass and enamels. Specializing in administration and a few ceremonial duties, there has hardly been a time when she did not hold an office or wear a hat. A few highlights include being recognized as a Laurel in AS 30 for her teaching of European dance by the Middle Kingdom, serving as Territorial Baroness of Jararvellir (March AS 31 to December AS 35), serving as Territotial Princess of Northshield in being AS 37, recognized as the principal Pelican of Northshield in December AS 39, and serving as Kingdom Seneschal of Northshield from January AS 39 to March AS 41.

As the 13th Princess of Northshield, she tried to give emphasis to the performing arts and encourage the youth of the Principality to try new arts & sciences. With Her Majesty Alys Katherine and Her Highness Fina traveled throughout Northshield on a Royal Arts Progress to find out what the people were doing (6 groups in 6 nights; 1600 miles; 250 people attended; 350 artifacts or performances seen). Along with her Prince, Kitadate-denka, she asked that the bid for Northshield to become a kingdom be completed and were the ones to present it to Their Majesties Tarrach & Fina the day she and Kitadate-denka stepped down.