Dame Alys Katharine, OL, OP
Elise Fleming
79 Florentine Way
Olmsted Township, OH  44138
alyskatharine {at} gmail {dot} com
reigned in The Midrealm
with Valharic Caligula Aurelius
from 2002-04-13 to 2002-09-28

Reigned with: Valharic Caligula Aurelius, KSCA
Tournament: 2001-10-20 in Andelcrag
Coronation: 2002-04-13 in Cleftlands
Kingdom of The Middle

Alys Katharine lives on her dower lands in England in various centuries, primarily the 1200s and 1500s.  She is thrice-widowed.

I am primarily interested in period confections and have articles and photos online at http://damealys. medievalcookery.com/ .  I was involved with Pennsic classes for six years as well as serving as Society Chatelaine for 5 years.

Elise Fleming is a retired Spanish teacher who travels frequently to England to participate in historical cookery classes and seminars.