Countess Tangwystl D'Courci (Formally Failsworth) AKA Edith, OL
Catherine Ollerhead DeSantis
062034 County Road 3
East Garafraxa, Ont  L9W 7H7
collerhe {at} uoguelph {dot} ca

Reigned with: David Martin Failsworth
Tournament: 1990-10-27 in Nordskogen
Coronation: 1991-05-04 in Wolves Keep
Kingdom of The Middle

Reigned with: David Martin Failsworth
Tournament: 1990-04-07 in Bryniau Tywynnog
Coronation: 1990-04-07 in Bryniau Tywynnog
Principality of Ealdormere

It is the end of the 12th century.  Tangwystl and her husband hold the castle of Roccacasale which strategically controls the entrance to the Valle del Sangro and the Cinquemiglia plain in Abruzzi Italy. They raise sheep,olives and grapes all the while keeping an eye on their fractious neighbours.

Countess Tangwystl was the first territorial princess of Ealdormere and remains a proud citizen of the MidRealm and a Laurel in Costume Research

Catherine lives on a farm in Ontario with Shetland sheep,a Percheron, and several peacocks.

As Edith she is a member of Regia Anglorum and her farm is the location of the Wynmerestow Longhall project.