Countess Ceinwen ferch Elidir O'Denbigh
Karen Bollinger
1424 Troon Ave
Brunswick , Oh  44212
karenbollinger96 {at} gmail {dot} com
reigned in Middrealm
with Radagaisus Vidigoia Balthi
from 2010-05-01 to 2010-09-25

Ceinwen is a 12th century Welsh woman distantly related to the royalty of Caernafon.  As a bastard daughter in Welsh tradition, she maintained her familial standing.  The times were unsafe for the high born, even if marginally so.  She was sent to the service of a Norman aunt at the English court.

 Karen Bollinger is a Registered Nurse specializing in postoperative cardiac care, a wife madly in love with her husband and completely enamored of her children.